July 22, 2014

My Weekend in San Fran

I am back from San Francisco and had a wonderful time with my friends! The weather was perfect and I can't wait to be back in the City in October. My engagement party look was one of my favorites of the trip. I paired a neon lace dress from Urban Outfitters with my favorite Bar III leather jacket from Macy's; throw on a pair of booties and you are set! 

What is your favorite look to wear for wedding events? 

July 18, 2014

San Francisco | Packing List

Wait, what's this? A FULL week of blogging? It feels good to be back to my usual blogging self. It had been awhile. I am heading to San Francisco today for the first time ever to visit a dear friend of mine. I love being in a new city and learning everything about it! Packing has always been a tough thing for me; I have a need to always want way more than I need (#fashiongirlproblems) but with the basics in mind, I managed to pack super quick! 

P.S. It's my birthday today! Can't wait to celebrate with all of my friends! 

July 17, 2014

Stripes + Leather

UO Blazer | UO Shirt | UO Shorts [Similar] | UO Shoes [Similar]

Dressing for a freezing cold office and the sweltering outdoor heat becomes a major difficulty during the summer months in Phoenix. The 108 degree weather doesn't bode well to jeans but the frigid indoor temps don't get along with my shorts and tank top style. Cue in the layering. I am a big fan of this Urban Outfitters blazer. It is super light weight and easy to transform from indoor to outdoor wear! 

What are some of you summer dressing tricks? 

July 16, 2014

Business Casual

Sunglasses | Shirt | Necklace | UO Skirt 

There is nothing like a simple outfit to make my day. Working in the marketing industry, life is constantly moving, and I often find myself lacking the time to over-think my outfits for work. Staples and classics are now stacked next to my statement wardrobe for a perfectly balanced closet. I paired this basic tee with one of my favorite necklaces and skirts for a bit of added intrigue for my client meetings. 

What items do you like to have in your wardrobe for work? 


July 15, 2014

Boyfriends Shots | Stripes

Necklace [VK Collection] | Shirt [Urban Outfitters] | Shorts [Old Navy] | Clutch [DIY]

This weekend, I finally took the plunge. I sat in my hair dresser's seat and let her chop and dye my locks for a new summer look! I'm loving the shorter and lighter do and it is so much easier to style. Dress it up or down, the lob is always low maintenance and effortless and that is a hairstyle I can get behind. 

What do you think of the new look?