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You catching my vibe with this week's Currently Craving? I'm still in vacation mode since coming back from Hawaii, and honestly, these picks are something that can carry through all summer long. Tropical vibes are my mood, ya hear?

1. Straw Visor: This was a game changer when I was in Hawaii. At first, I bought it as a joke but it was so nice to have laying on the beach, and I will most definitely be bringing it to my pool days.

2. Isle Of Paradise Self Tanner Drops: Okay, so I haven't tried this for myself, BUT a friend of mine looked so naturally tan the other day and she brought these drops out and I was shook. You mix the drops in with your lotion/moisturizer, and I like the idea of making it more or less diluted with drops.

3. Jungalow Carry On: I bought this a few months ago at Target and they might be sold out so linking another favorite here, but I was able to fit so many (too many) clothes when I travel to Hawaii so was definitely worth it. Plus, it's freaking adorable with that print inside.

4. Anese Booty Scrub & Mask: It took me awhile to pull the trigger on this duo. The price tag is a little high but the before and afters won me over (also, their paid social person needs a raise). The scrub is a fine walnut scrub designed to help lessen stretch marks (3x a week is the recommended use). The mask is a collagen mask that is designed to help tighten the skin. Combined, this duo is a match made in heaven for the summer time booty you want to show off.

5. Shein Two Piece Set: I'm a sucker for a good two-piece set. They are so chic and fun! I like the idea of playing with a bold print like this on vacation because honestly rules don't apply on vacation. Also, this on is only $17 on Shein, which is a steal! 

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