DIY Pom Pom Earrings

by - 6:00 AM

DIY Pom Pom Earrings

Buckle up, ladies, because I have a fun AND super easy DIY for y'all. I've had my eyes on this projects for quiet some time after seeing this adorable pair from Baublebar

Here's the deal; you only need two things and no tools are required. Waiting for the catch? There isn't one. It took under five minutes to make and they are so cute! 

You only need pom poms (I bought mine in a multi pack at Target) and gold hoop earrings (these are from Forever 21). Just poke the pom pom through the hoop and THAT'S IT! 

Told you it was super easy. If you make this DIY for yourself, tag me in the final product over on Instagram (@rinlongo). 

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