Classic White Tee

by - 6:00 AM

 Top - H&M | Jeans - H&M | Shoes - Boohoo

It's finally monsoon season here in Phoenix. What does that mean exactly? Well first off, that "dry heat" everyone associate with AZ vanishes, and we are then blessed with 100 degree temps WITH humidity (goodbye good hair day). It also means that when those beautiful thunderstorms hit, the temperature "drops" and we soak up the slightly cooler temps. 

I've been knocking out a lot of stuff with my remodel lately and next on the list is painting. I don't dislike painting, but I am finding it difficult picking the perfect paint color. Quite frankly, I may be one of the most indecisive people around, and I only want to have to have to paint the place once. 

With cooler temps and a never-ending to do list, I have been living in this new uniform. I struck gold at H&M over the 4th and snagged these "mom jeans" for $12 on clearance. But the real treasure was this white tee. It is so soft, lightweight and only six bucks. So, for under $20, I have my new favorite on-the-go look.

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