Giddy Up | Lost Lake Festival

by - 5:00 AM

H&M Top | H&M Overall Dress | Old Navy Neckerchief | Old Navy Booties

Two weekends ago, Phoenix was blessed with one of the first big music festivals the city has ever seen. Lost Lake Festival promised to be filled with great local food, unbelievable artists and amazing experiences around every corner, and let me tell you, it was all of that and then some. 

Now, I know how important festival fashion can be and most of my friends had picked their outfits out weeks in advance; however, when it came to my outfits, I was shuffling until the very last minute. I had found this outfit on Pinterest and was dead set on rocking it during Lost Lake. I managed to score the look from H&M and it was the perfect outfit for a warm AZ weekend. 

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