Stripes + Leather

by - 6:22 AM

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Dressing for a freezing cold office and the sweltering outdoor heat becomes a major difficulty during the summer months in Phoenix. The 108 degree weather doesn't bode well to jeans but the frigid indoor temps don't get along with my shorts and tank top style. Cue in the layering. I am a big fan of this Urban Outfitters blazer. It is super light weight and easy to transform from indoor to outdoor wear! 

What are some of you summer dressing tricks? 

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  1. amazing outfit<3
    Maybe want follow each other? if yes, just follow me and i follow you back :)

  2. Love this look. Stripes are one of my favorite patterns right now!

    1. I agree Bree! They match everything and are a great pattern to experiment pattern mixing with!

  3. Love the outfit! Even in LA, K & I run into the same problem – offices do not need to be as cold as a refrigerator ;)

    xo, B

  4. Layering is an absolute necessity here in Texas, where the A/C is so efficient that there is probably a 30 degree difference between the outside and inside. You seem to have the effortless layering down pat though, because I love your mix of basics.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. great look, I like your layered necklaces

    xx Angie |

  6. This is a great outfit. I really like your glasses.
    I don't have any summer dressing tips other than I try to wear as little clothes as possible, while still looking appropriate.

    Amber Watson,xoxo