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Thrifted Shirt // Handmade Ikat Skirt // Beauty Heel Boots c/o Shoes on the Side

I made it one of my small goals this year to try and recycle my wardrobe more. My closest is filled with endless amounts of clothes, most of which I have worn in years. Searching on Pinterest the other day, I stumbled upon this look and was instantly inspired to create my own mixed print look. Cue in my old Ikat skirt I made in textiles class in college. I always loved the print of this skirt, but just never could seem to find a way to wear it! But, I love the mix of the teal print with the purple Ikat!

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  1. LOVE IT... I am wearing a kaki,brown, and black paint splatter skirt (tiny dots) and a blue, orange, and mint plaid button down (bold!) with a tan wedge (1 inch heel with a bow)... so many people are my job comment on my style... saying it's too daring... I say they are too boring! Though an equal amount say I am fabulous...

  2. There is a big difference between Stylish and Objectionable.This is not daring, it is objectionable.