Style Secrets

by - 9:03 AM

The best part about being a blogger is being able to share some styling secrets with my readers. A few months ago, I had heard a rumor that the best place to find beanies (that are cheap) was the dollar store. Yesterday, I finally ventured out to my local 99 cents only store and scored big. I walked out with five beanies for a grand total of $5. Now, here is the real secret: to get the slouchy winter beanie look, just stretch it out on the back of a chair! 

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  1. That's an inspiring secret to share! ;D I just found your blog thru Lyst, and glad I did! Consider me your new follower. And those 5 beanie are def chic worthy (not to mention their money value is hell chic too!) lol. Can't wait to see you styling them up!

    ps: I'm inspired to stretch up my beanie on my chair right now.

    Hugs and kiss kiss,