DIY Geode Bracelet

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It's Wednesday, which means we are all battling to make it through the rest of the week. I thought my readers could use a little DIY inspiration to get them through the rest of the week! I've been wanting to make these bracelets for awhile, and made two different versions! Hope you enjoy!

 What You Need:
- Chain
-Geodes (I bought mine at Michaels)
-Lanyard String
- Split Rings

 For the pink band bracelet, you will be doing a circle lanyard stitch. Starting this stitch is the hardest part but here is the best tutorial

The Stitch itself is easy and very similar to the square knot. Instead of bringing the strands straight over, you will be bringing them diagonally over, and then weaving the other strands. The tutorial above helps illustrates this if there is confusion.

Continue the stitch until the length is good enough to fit around (and over) your wrist. 

To finish the bracelet, do one more stitch around the split ring and then tie off the loose ends and cut them. 

This is another variation of the bracelet using gold chain, and it is a lot fast and easier! Attach one end of the gold chain on the split ring. Measure around your wrist and place the other end of the chain on the other end of the split ring. 

Like so!

Here they are! Perfect bracelets for summer time!

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  1. Wow! I love this DIY. Especially with the gold chain!

    Haley x