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by - 8:00 AM

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a guest blogger over on Just B. Creator Brooke Andersen is extremely inspirational, and she is the main reason I started being a blogger. Her intense passion for the industry and all thing fashion make it extremely difficult to not fall in love with her blog. Her posts are relatable to all, not to mention her DIY's will have you rushing to your local Michaels to pick up supplies. The original post is here, but the same images are found below! Hope you enjoy!
 What I Am Wearing:
Shirt: Goodwill $5
Shorts: Urban Outfitters $6
Shoes: Charlotte Russe $10
Jewelry: Assorted Thrifted Finds

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  1. Wow. Your outfit is very pretty. I'm kind of jelly that you were able to get a pair of shorts from UO for only $6! That's a steal. Oh, and by the way, I reallllly like your hair. The length is perfect.

  2. very cute!