Gold Accent

by - 8:00 AM

I have recently been obsessed with the accent nail manicure and glitter, so when I stumbled upon this post a few weeks ago I couldn't wait to try it out. Now that I have found the perfect nail color to pair with my gold glitter, it is time to finally test it out. 

What You Need:
- Nail Color {I am using Wet N' Wild's Everybody loves Redmond}
- Fine Glitter {Try this}
- Clear Top Coat
- Fine Paint Brush

Paint two coats of your chosen nail color on both hands
When dry, paint a top coat on your nails
Dip your small paintbrush in the top coat and then in the glitter. Paint the tip of your ring finger {or whichever accent nail you choose}
Once dry, cover your accent nail in a top coat and let dry 
End Result

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  1. I love how you did it with the red and gold!

    xo Julia

  2. Red And Gold go well together. I have some silver that I would love to try!