Cheap Thrills

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Ever have those moments where you feel like you just need to go shop? Like the fashion Gods will be on your side and bestow upon you some gem for you to love endlessly. Well, yesterday I did and hopped in my car with one destination in mind: Cheap Thrills. One of my favorite stores to find one-of-a-kind vintage finds, this place has all sorts of jewelry, clothing, furniture, and knick knacks for the ultimate vintage lover. 
For those of you who follow my tumblr,  you are probably aware of the fact I posted this image yesterday morning. Lucky for me, pretty much the exact same garment was at Cheap Thrills, and I jumped at the great price tag of $26. I took some snapshots of some of my favorite things in the store, but if you live in Phoenix I urged you to venture over there and look for yourself!

What I am wearing:
Shirt: Last Chance $1
Shorts: Goodwill $5
Bag: Goodwill $6
Boots: Gifted $Free

Sequins Galore
 Really wish I had ben a size 9 for these puppies
 Vintage 40's wedding dress
 Clutch Heaven {I came close to buying the green one}
 Sheer Leopard Caftan

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  1. ur goow will has some good things..i have to find one nxt to me :)
    check out my page!

  2. You should have gotten the green one, Its a wonderful color!