Out On A Limb {Ramblings on Displays}

by - 8:00 AM

I rarely let you guys in on my school life because well my blog is a place for me to get away from it all. However, this week my window and concept display went up in the school, and I am so happy with the way that it turned out that I had to share! The concept was a 70's hippie/ woodstock theme. All weekend my group and I glued endless amounts of sticks to the back walls, so I was more than thrilled to see it all put together!

For those of you who follow my five looks post, I blogged about this DIY branch clothes rod several weeks ago, and this window was the first time I actually got to try it out. The branch was found in my backyard painted, hung, and filled with some of my favorite clothes. Easy, cheap and simple solution to a creative clothing rack.
 The window minus mannequins; those went in at the very end.
 All put together mannequins and all

I hope you guys like this window as much as I do! I would love to hear your feedback on how you thought it all turned out!

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  1. Neat concept - the painted branches are cool. What did you decide on first, clothes or concept?

  2. Concept :) but i kind of had in the back of my head what i was going to use for the clothing

  3. Hey congratulations on getting the window! Perhaps we can swing by on Wednesday and look at it. From the pictures I'd say it is very aesthetically pleasing :)

  4. totally love this- even down to the placement of the shoes and the daisies on the floor. you go girl!