In The Clear {Ramblings on DIY Clutch}

by - 8:00 AM

One of my favorite blogs, The Blonde Salad, posted this a few weeks ago, and I instantly fell in love with the Hermes bag she was wearing. I couldn't help but think back to my Girl Scout days when my mom (who was also my troop leader) and I would make our own bags. I made mine using clear plastic found in the drapery section at Joanns. Best part about this DIY, it's under $10.

What You Need {Clear Plastic, one zipper (I used a 12in), and scissors}
 Cut the plastic to the height and width you would like (Double the length so you can fold it in half). When the plastic is folded, sew the edges 1/2 inch in from the edge.
 Create a triangle in the corner and sew across the corner like so.
 Turn right side in
 Sew zipper on and...
 Ta Da! Hermes inspired clutch for under $10!

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  1. Finally! I am totally bent on making this clutch myself, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had done it, and if so, was there any different in the tutorial for a plastic clutch versus a leather one. After searching for over an hour I have finally found your tutorial!! So happy! Quick question, what colour thread did you use, cause you can't see it in the photo... which is what I would prefer :)