DIY Neon Tips {Ramblings on Manicures}

by - 8:00 AM

DIY week continues. I have got TWO Easy DIY's today. The first is a neon tip manicure, which is simple, cheap and a fun way to add color. The second DIY is a neon, lanyard bracelet to add a punch of pizazz to your wrist this spring. 
What you need: {Fake nails pre-glued, clear packing tape, and bright nail polish}
Roll the tape so that both sides are sticky. Set the nails you will be using on the tape 
{This step ensures them from moving around when you paint them}
Carefully paint the tips and let dry
Stick the fake nails, and you have an easy neon-tip manicure!

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  1. I've always wanted to try on press on nails because i dont like wearing fake nails, but they look so much better when you put on polish and designs. BTW you put me on to stylescrapebook and a pamela love look alike braclet! I got it in the mail, its simply divine, and i'm putting up a post tomorrow.