Blast From The Past {Ramblings on DIY Bracelets}

by - 11:00 AM

**Note: My nails were in a desperate need of a manicure when I took these pictures.
As you can see from my earlier post, this was taken care of; however, I apologize for my horrid nails.**

What you need {Plastic Lanyard, Split rings, Lobster claw closure, pliers, and patience}

Cut the lanyard so it is two arms lengths {You will need two of these}
The start of the bracelet is the hardest part {This Tutorial is the best one}

The actual knot you will be doing is fairly easy. It's easiest to think of it as a weave.
{Pull tight each time you do the knot. You will continue this until the lanyard is almost used up}
To Finish the bracelet off, create the knot so a second split ring is in the middle of the knot.
Pull tightly and knot the ends.
Using the pliers use a jump ring to add the lobster claw (closure) to the split ring. 
Then close.
Try them in all sorts of bright colors. 
The lanyard costs $1 at Michael's and comes in a wide range of colors!

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  1. we called it "gimp" back in jersey in the early 90s. in my elementary school, it was like currency. you could trade gimp for crybabies.