DIY Prada Link Earrings {Ramblings on Craftiness}

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I had incredibly productive weekend filled with cleaning, cooking, and you guessed it DIY making. I saw these Prada earrings on A Pair and a Spare 's blog and instantly fell in love. Luckily my mom is a mini hoarder and keeps things that we will never use: like a link game we used to play when we were little. So, I took four links and started working away.
 What you need: {2 buttons, chain, 4 links, 2 flat earring backs, and either Devcon 2-part epoxy or super glue: both work}
 Cut the silver chain, hook it through the link, and attach the chain back together. This part can be a bit tedious, and you will need jewelry tools to help you handle the chain. 
This is what it will look like.
To attach the earring and chain to the button, I used wire and wrapped it through the chain and back of the button.
I used the 2-part Epoxy to attach the earring backs, but super glue should work just as well. Attach the glue to the back of the earring and button, and press together for 30 seconds {or until it can sit on its own}
Leave them to sit for a whole day to ensure that the earring is adhered to the button. 
This could be the last step; however, I wanted the buttons to be black. 
So, I brought out some black paint
Painted the buttons and let dry.
Ta Da, Prada inspired link earrings for a fraction of the cost {Btw don't you love the glasses} 

{Best part is you can switch the links out for different colors}

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  1. i really love your "i can make that" attitude. its so inspiring!