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First off, I want to apologize for my lack of posts over the last few days. It's finals time at school, so my mind has been elsewhere, but I am back and ready to post about my new favorite vintage store LaLaLand Vintage

Owners, Jada and her husband, Jon, met over seven years ago while she was in England touring with Manchester United's soccer stadium. They began selling vintage clothing as a means to make money,but it has now grown into their careers. They started out by bringing over suitcases packed with vintage clothing from the U.S and selling it on Ebay, but they soon realized that they would have to start a website of their own if they really wanted to be the "vintage moguls" they dreamed of. Thus, they created Lalaland Vintage which I how I found them. Their site is filled with pages of unique vintage clothing that will have any fashion lover drooling . Their sequin frocks are by far my favortie, but check out their site to find some of your own favorites!

Here are some of my favorite pieces for sale but check out their lookbook for some adorbale designer pieces

Sequin Harem Pants $180

Sequin Cocktail Jacket $62

Bold Abstract Batwing Dress

Gold Sequin Jacket $130

Edie Animal Cropped Jacket $38

High Waist Sequin Shorts $64

I also asked Jada some questions about all things vintage, so if you want some tips or tricks, take notes!

What sparked your interest in vintage clothing?

Jada- "My husband and I have always loved vintage clothing. I grew up on a farm in California and was introduced to yard sales and thrift stores and a very young age. My husband grew up in England and was always into his own style. Vintage was something that allowed both of us to express ourselves in a very unique way."

What do you love most about vintage clothing?

Jada- "I love that you can find a piece of clothing that no one else will ever be wearing. I love knowing that you're wearing something with a history to it."

Any advice when it come to second hand shopping? Any tips or tricks?

Jada- "The best advice I can give is to take your time. The best items are the ones that you find 30 mintues after you were ready to go. It pays off more than you know to dig, dig, dig."

Favorite place to shop all things vintage or thrifted?

Jada- "Flea markets/ church sales/ car boots- I hit those up every opportunity I get."

The most cherished piece of clothing you own?

Jada- "A leopard spotted print mid-coat that I've had for over 10 years. Everyone need to have a leopard coat."

Favorite Vintage designer?

Jada- "I love vintage gucci and fendi. Clothing wise I love norma kamali. But most of my favorite pieces are by designers I've never heard of. I love desginers, but I think it's more about the clothes that about who made them."

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