I'm A Little Bit Rock and Roll

by - 5:38 AM

It feels weird not to be blogging in the comfort of my own home. As I sit here at the airport waiting for the time to wind down, my scouring of fashion websites has re-kindled my love for the rocker look. Every year or so, my look changes from casual bum to rocker chic, and I am definitely in my edgy phase. Every cross necklace I see or studded look that is rocked on the runway makes me want to where studs and leather jackets with everything. After hours of scouring websites, I have found some of my favorite looks to rock this fall!

Bracelets like this that double as rings not only serve double duty, but they are the perfect accessory if you don't want to go too avant garnde with the "goth" look

It's not often you see cuffs that are the size of this one and paired with the perfect leopard jacket it will edge up anyone's look.

This Studded Burberry leather jacket is taking the fashion world by storm. For some reason, the insane amount of studs on this leather jacket attracts and wins the hearts' of fashion lovers around.

I have always found a place in my heart for extravagant crosses. Having two of my own, I am looking to add to the collection this fall.

I love being able to play with fashion. No matter how big or small it is, I live to create surprises and something unexpected when I get dressed. These earrings are the perfect way (especially if you don't have your ears pierced).

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