California Girl

by - 9:50 AM

Now that my trip to LA is booked, I thought it was time for me to start planning my outfits. It has always been a battle for me to find the perfect outfit for flying. I have taken the super dressy route, and I have taken the sweatpants route; both failed. So, it was time to find the balance between the two. I headed to to play with some ideas. I wanted a casual outfit that was still dressy and fashionable. I created my dream look, but now, it is time to find a more affordable alternative. I will be heading to GoodWill soon to hopefully find some of these pieces to rock on the plane! I will keep you all posted don't you worry!

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  1. cute outfit, say hi to me when your out here :) ha jk but have fun on your trip :)

  2. You will look so fine fresh and fierce in that outfit in LA!