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by - 9:24 AM

With Midterms all this week, I need to keep myself calm, cool, and collected. Unfortunately, with me, I tend to get stressed rather easily, so I have come with a some full proof remedies over the years.

1.) Hot Tea-> Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed, I head straight to my tea kettle, heat some water, and make my favorite tea, mint medley. I don't know why, but tea always calms me down.

2.) Hot bubble baths-> I cannot even tell you how therapeutic a hot bubble bath can be. Its a good place to unwind, escape, and just take a break from life.

3.) Pint of Baileys Flavored Hagen Daas Ice Cream-> If I am having a bad day, I head straight to the closest grocery store and buy this flavor of Hagen Daas ice cream. Try it out and you will see why (pure perfection).

4.) Music-> I have a playlist on my ipod that I use for particularly stressful times. The quite, peaceful tunes is the perfect way to put me in a calm, relaxing mood.

5.) Pilates-> As weird as it sounds, working out helps center me, and I always feel refreshed when I am done. My mom has always told me working out is one of the best (and healthy) was to relieve stress, and she is right!

Wish me luck the week
♥ Rin

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  2. thanks so much :) and i will follow yours too!!