Lessons Learned

by - 3:00 PM

Since I have had a pretty eventful week, I thought it would be cool to start a new section in my blog for my lessons learned each week. This week was full of good, bad, and just plain weird happenings.

Monday: I learned that teachers like when you show up to class the week after finals!
Lesson Learned: Extra Credit for doing what I should do is always a plus!

Tuesday: I learned that while my professional selling teacher is completely scatter brained she sure knows her stuff! Networking is a key aspect in any business
Lesson Learned: Always have a business card on hand!

Wednesday: I learned from watching Chef Gordon Ramsey that no matter how old or experienced you are you still need to be professional!
Lesson Learned: Maturity is everything!

Thursday: I learned that it is entirely possible to be stylish and comfortable, and you don't need to dress like a slob!
Lesson Learned: H&M cotton pants are the best thing that has happened to my wardrobe!

Friday: After searching far in wide for the perfect pair of shoes I came up empty handed. That was until my trip to Last Chance!
Lesson Learned: Search and Purchase!

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