My Trip To Oahu, Hawaii

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I've never been one to travel. It's honestly one of my biggest regrets in life as I inch closer to 30, but this year, I vowed to take one trip to a new destination. 

Earlier this month, I did just that. I packed my bags and headed to Honolulu, Hawaii. I had the best time of my life. It was exactly what I needed given the start to my year, and I came back recharged and ready for part 2 of 2019. 

I rounded up my favorite experiences and spots while I was there, but there is so much to do and see that I wasn't able to squeeze in everything I wanted to! 


One of our first days in Oahu, we decided to get real crazy and make it a full day of workouts. We ended up hiking Diamond Head Trail, KoKo Crater Trail and finished the day with paddle board yoga. Now, while the views and experiences were hard to beat, I don't recommend jamming that much physical activity into one day because we were dead ass tired. 

Diamond Head Trail 

This one looks more daunting then it is. I recommend going earlier in the day (we got there around 7 am) because it does get pretty packed later in the day. The entire hike is paved and winds up and around the mountain. There is a lookout point pretty close to the top but don't stop there! The view at the end is breathtaking. 

We stayed up there for a little while and then made our way back down and treated ourselves to a Dole Whip since there was a food truck at the base. 

KoKo Crater Trail 

I 'aint going to lie; this hike absolutely terrified my and kicked my butt. KoKo Crater trail is 1, 048 steps of pure torture, but wow, that view at the end is 100% worth it. This definitely gets your heart rate up; not to mention, the "stairs" are really an old abandon railway from WWII. It's a steep hill that is 1, 200 feet above Kawaii Kai and overlooks Hanauma Bay.

The first leg isn't too bad, but when you get towards the top, you will be stopping every 10-15 steps (unless you are super woman). We got lucky and were able to be blessed with rain as we got close to the top which was a relief from the heat and sweat. 

Again, HOLY VIEWS. Don't stop. Make it to the top and be sure to take a picture of the views, so you remember why you put yourself through that! 

Night Time Paddle Board Yoga

This was the one things I wanted to do while I was in Hawaii. My friend found this picture of night time paddle board yoga months before we left, so we purchased our tickets and finished the night off with this. 

Guys, I've done a decent amount of yoga on land, but this doesn't even touch the balance paddle board yoga takes. I really don't have to say much about this experience because I think the pictures speak for themselves. 

10/10 would recommend this day or night. 


It's Hawaii, so there are many amazing beaches to choose from. Our favorites were Waikiki, Ala Moana and the North Shore's. 

If you aren't staying on the North Shore be sure to spend at least one day and drive up there. It is so much more quieter and breathtakingly beautiful.


I don't even know where to start when it comes to food in Oahu. I will state for the record that I am not the biggest fan of seafood; however, I will always try something once. Below were my favorite spots from the trip but seriously, there were so many amazing options.


The food gods blessed us with this brunch place DAY ONE of our trip. It was Mother's Day and pretty much every placed was jam packed with people but we got into Scratch no problem. What I love about this place was the offerings were unique but still something that I would want to eat. Also, the owner of the place was running the hostess stand, which I love.

We ordered the creme brulee french toast and the salmon eggs Benedict and each had a Tang mimosa (throwback 90's drink for those of you that don't know what Tang is). The bar was set with the creme brulee french toast, and we didn't try french toast anywhere else after this meal because why would you. Seriously, get the french toast


Oysters are one are the few things I like in the seafood department. So, before we headed to Honolulu, I was on the hunt for a good Oyster happy hour, and I found it in Herringbone. from 4-6 pm the have what they call the Two Buck Shuck. Each oyster is $2 and comes with this incredible wasabi hot sauce. Also, their cocktails are $6 and bubble $4. Yum Yum.

It was so good that we actually ended up coming here three times!

Mi Almita Cantina Waikiki 

We stumbled on this place after a beach day at Waikiki and I was hooked. Happy hour from 12-6 pm, $2 tacos and $4 margs? Yes, yes and YES! There's not much more to say.


We also did a sunset boat tour and visited the Dole Plantation. They weren't our favorite activities but still great experiences! 

Overall, Hawaii is everything everyone said it would be and more. It is absolutely breathtaking and I'm so grateful I was able to experience such a beautiful place along with some amazing experiences. I would love to know what your favorite spots in Oahu are! Let me know in the comments below. 

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