What Is Dermaplaning and Why Should You Do It?

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I'm going to be honest. Dermaplaning scared the crap out of me before I tried it. The idea of someone taking a blade to my face wasn't super comforting, and I also didn't fully understand the benefits of it. So, while all the hot fashion bloggers were actually getting their faces dermaplaned, I was doing A LOT of research on what it was and why I should be doing it. 

What Is Dermaplaning? 

In the simplest terms, dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation. The blade is used the remove the top layer of dead skin on your face (yuck) and removes the "vellus" hair on your face (aka peach fuzz). There is no down time with this treatment; the only thing to be wary of is being in a lot of sun or working out excessively after. Avoid exfoliating for a couple of days after as well. Most aestheticians recommend having this done once a month, but it really depends on your own cell turnover. 

Common Myths: 

1. Your Vellus Hair Will Grow Back Darker/Thicker 

I have also not found this one to be true, and I have naturally thick and dark hair. Plus, if you are getting dermaplaned monthly, this one isn't really a concerned. 

2. It Is Painful 

Guys, nothing about this one is true. It's definitely a different feeling/sensation, but it was far from painful. In fact, I was able to go back in public with no redness or issues. 

3. It Will Cause Breakouts 

I personally did not experience this; however, with that dead layer of skin gone, your skin will soak up serums and oils up easier. That also means if you are touching your face, your gross grimey hands are also getting soaked up easier. So moral of the story is DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE. 

For my local Arizona peeps, my girl Megan at Skinny Dip is seriously the best. She also keeps my bushman eyebrows in check, so I'm so grateful to have her in my life!  

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