Transitioning To Fall

by - 12:52 PM

Graphic Tee From My Mom's Closet {similar} | BCBG Suede Skirt {similar

Would you believe me if I told you this shirt was my mother's? Well, it is; I have a pretty cool momma, and apparently she is on my mind as most of my posts this week are referencing her in some way! I've always been a fan of pairing more casual pieces with "nicer" or dressier pieces. 

This suede pencil skirt is the perfect transitional piece as we move into fall, and I've been styling it with all sorts of pieces. I scored it during a 1/2 off BCBG sale at Dillards last year and it was worth every penny of the $10 I spent.

Side bar: If y'all are in a time crunch and need a last minute outfit for something (wedding, party, concert, etc), I beg of you to go to Dillards. They almost always have some sort of special deal or sale and the price points are perfect for almost every occasion.  

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  1. Love your outfit! And I can't believe that tee was your mothers - how awesome!!

    xx Chelsea

  2. Love the simplicity of this look dear. Such a cute skirt you got there.

    Jessica |