The Perfect Tank Dress Under $10

by - 6:00 AM

Dress - Forever 21 // Shoes - Target  // Sunglasses - Forever 21 (old)

I'm all about comfort when it comes to personal style. I try to stock my closet full of pieces that I can throw on and still look put together and ready to tackle the day. So color me excited when I found this perfect tank dress under $10 at Forever 21. I should have bought it in every color because I want to wear it nearly every day. 

No matter how cheap something is, I always ask myself (and encourage others to do the same), "how does this make me feel?" Do you feel, cute, comfortable or stuffed in there like a sausage? That feeling will without a doubt determine if you want to wear it in the future. Trust that first gut reaction. You feel it for a reason! 

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