Summer Skincare

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A solid skincare routine is something I have always struggled with. Since I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide, I have to look for products with salicylic acid or natural ingredients. For the past two to three years, I've really just been washing my face with Cetaphil once a day, and it has done it's job. 

With my 27th birthday coming up this week, I'm realizing that I really need to start taking care of my skin now if I want to have nice skin when I get older. That is when I embarked on researching a solid skincare routine. I have asked for recommendations and done A TON of research on line to find some of the top recommended products. 

If you have any recommendations for your go-to skincare must haves, please please please post them in the comments below!  

1. PCA Skin Purifying Mask: During the summer, Phoenix's humidity is out of control, and my skin was definitely punishing me last week for it. A local skin care specialist I follow on Instagram (Marie Rosepink) recommended this face mask from PCA Skin. 

2. Laneige Sleeping Mask: I have been using Laneige's lip mask for the past two weeks and am IN LOVE. A lot of people have also recommended their sleeping mask for hydrated and glowing skin. 

3. Neogen White Truffle Serum: If there was one thing my routine was lacking, it was the serums and oils. There are so many different benefits, but they definitely helps with fine lines and overall skin texture. 

4. Eco Your Skin Lavender Bedside Mask: I am all for a good face mask. I love taking a couple nights a week for myself and unwind with a nice bath and a face mask. It sort of resets me and relaxes me. Much like the Laneige mask, this lavender mask you sleep in during the night for perfect skin when you wake up. 

5. Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam: When I first read about this, I was like aw hell no. But after some more research, I read how much it firms and tightens your face. With a small price tag, it will definitely be worth the try. 

6. Thayer Witch Hazel Toner: My friend sent this to me the other day and after seeing nearly 4,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating, I figured it should definitely be worth a shot. One of the biggest benefits? Reduces redness and irritation. 

7. The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil:I have heard wonders about this product. They have quite a few different serums available and they all run about $9-$12. I recommend purchasing them directly from the website for the best price. 

8. Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling: One key step to a skincare routine is exfoliating. It helps remove your dead skin to reveal glowing and healthy skin. These pads from Neogen are supposed to do the trick!

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