New Beginnings

by - 6:40 AM

Fun Fact: I love confetti 
Today, I embark on a new journey with my career. One that began 3 years ago this month. I started my path in marketing on a whim. I had no reason to apply or for an employer to believe I was capable of executing successful marketing tactics for clients, but one agency in Phoenix took a chance on me. 
Since then, I have changed roles and companies many times and today I am excited to start my role as Social Media Strategist for The James Agency. An advertising agency first and foremost, I am eager and thrilled to embark on my new adventure with a creative group of individuals. 
It's scary; I'd be lying if I didn't tell you guys that I wasn't terrified to head into a new job tomorrow. At the same time, I see it as an exciting adventure that I'm ready to face head on! 
What are some of your tips for getting over those first day jitters?

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  1. Good luck on your new adventure. I do social media for a company as well. You'll get the hang of it. :]

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