Ipad Mini Cases

by - 10:24 AM

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Me oh my, it's been quite sometime since I've blogged, but I'm back! Since my hiatus, I upgraded my iPad situation (or downgraded if we are talking about size). I recently became the owner of an iPad mini! I am absolutely in love. It is so compact and easy to travel with. Only problem is now I need a new case to go with it. I rounded up some of my favorite cases/ sleeves. The pink theme was unintentional; guess I am just feeling girly this week! I would love to hear what cases your ipads are being protected in!

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  1. Where is the pomegranate one from?

  2. Lovely iPad mini case.It will be great for my iPad mini.Which has Retina presentation is astonishing to hold. What's more see. Each photograph is unfathomably itemized and lively, and each line of content is momentously fresh and clear.Have a nice day.

  3. Hey great to hear that ... congratulation for getting an iPad. I have rokshield IPAD mini cases that my dad gifted me last week :) So happy to get one... These cases are the perfect blend of protection along with style & function. If you want to find out... check out Rokform. Thanks. :)

  4. cute case, btw

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