Messy Low Bun Tutorial

by - 8:33 AM

As stated on last week's Currently Craving post, I'm a big fan of the messy low bun. Just a disclaimer: this is my version on messy. Some people prefer to tease the top layer of hair; I, however, do not.

1.) Start with texturized hair. I create loose beachy waves by using a 3/4" Conair Curling Iron. The waves don't need to be perfect, so don't focus on that too much!

2.) Add some volume to your hair by using a dry shampoo or volumizer product. I'm using the Aveeno dry shampoo (also seen on last week's currently craving). 

3.) Brush/ work in dry shampoo

4.) Pull hair into a low ponytail. Make sure your ears are covered. 

5.) Twist hair and shake to loosen. 

6.) Wrap hair into a bun and secure with hair tie. Again, you are wanting a messy look so don't try and make the bun perfect!

7.) Pull a few pieces of hair from the side and pull at the top of your hair to loosen.

8.) Using a 3/4" curling iron curl the pieces that you pulled from the side!

It's as easy as that. Sometimes I tuck the side pieces behind my hair for a messier look, but that is optional! 

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