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Starting last year, I decided instead of making vague New Year's resolutions that I would never stick to, I would make a yearly "bucket list." It was time to say goodbye to the generic, "Eat healthy" resolution and welcome the lifetime resolutions that I had always made excuses to never accomplish. I wanted my year to be filled with memories and moments that I would never forget; I wanted to live. These are just a few I compiled for the year! Share with me some of yours!

1.) Go to a Steelers game in Pittsburgh
2.) Dance in the fountains
3.) See Lady Antebellum in Concert
4.) Karaoke
5.) Cliff Jump
6.) Get a dog
7.) Color Run
8.) Ride the ferris wheel in CA Adventures
9.) Go to Vegas
10.) Take a cardio kickboxing class
11.) Blog on a daily basis
12.) Open an online store
13.) Hike Camelback Mountain
14.) Camp on a beach
15.) Go to New York
16.) Learn to surf
17.) Watch every movie on my movie list
18.) Learn to sew
19.) Try glassblowing

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