DIY Neon Bar Stools

by - 8:00 AM

 I have been wanting to try out this DIY for awhile to pair with my blackboard painted bar area! This is one of the simplest DIY's I have ever done. 

What you need:
- Bar Stool
- Spray Paint or Paint

Tape off the section of the barstool you want to paint and then sandpaper it (this makes it easier for the paint to adhere). Next you will carefully spray paint or paint the section you taped off and let dry before adding a second coat. After the last coat dries, pull off the tape and voila! Easy, neon bar stools!

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  1. I really love the effect of the neon color to the bar stool. Thank you for sharing how to do this DIY make-over of bar stool. Bar stool is one of my favorite chairs in our house because it gives me an atmosphere of coolness. Since every home is different, you need a bar stool that matches your style and decor. Bar stools are made with a sturdy wooden frame. However, some bar stools come with metal frames, which is increasingly popular. Seat and back material may consist of blended leather or other high-quality upholstery.