DIY Sponge Manicure

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I am always on the hunt for fresh, simple nail tutorials. Being that I change my nail color often, the plain colors I have get boring after awhile. When I stumbled on this pin on pinterest, the simplicity of the manicure caught my eye(not to mention the neon and grey combo). I gathered my materials and got to work!

What You Will Need:
- Base color (I used a grey)
- Makeup Sponge
-Second Color (I used a coral)
-Top Coat

Paint your nails using the base color that you chose. Let them fully dry.

Soak your makeup sponge in some water and then squeeze the water out so it is slightly damp.

Take your second color and apply to the top of the makeup sponge (the amount you add depends on how thick you want the color)

Dab the tip of the makeup sponge on the tip of your nail until you like the color and look. Repeat that for all of your nails. While they are still slightly wet, add a top coat. This is to spread the color giving it that "ombre" look.

Finished Product!

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