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I ran across this manicure the other day and thought it was a fun one to re-create. Warning, this is not a manicure for the impatient. Apply your base coat the day prior to avoid the nail color being lifted by the tape. Side Note: please ignore my cuticles; they tend to be a mess when I'm stressed. 

For more nail inspiration, follow my "nailed" board on Pinterest. 

 Choose a base color to paint your nails, I chose a grey. Essie's Playa Del Platinum is a nice shade!
 Once that completely dries, take a piece of scotch tape and place the corner of the piece at the top of your nail.

Using your second color, paint over the nail. I used coral color similar to Essie's Orange, it's obvious.

While that dries, take two pieces of tape and overlap them at the bottom of your nail so the top of the nail is now exposed.

Paint over the nail again. Repeat process alternating nails, and let completely dry. Then, carefully peel of the tape.

Final Product!

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  1. ohh this is too cute! i do agree its not for the impatient but if i've got the time, i may want to recreate this too! it's lovely!

    cheers, Carla