Where'd The Time Go? {Ramblings on DIY No-Time Watch}

by - 8:00 AM

My craving for neon accessories has hit an all new high, and I decided it was time to attack my ever-growing DIY list. I first saw this DIY on A Pair and a Spare and have been thinking about it ever since. On Friday, I ran to Michaels for some bright, colored spray paint and then skipped over to Last Chance for some broken watches. This DIY is incredibly simple and cheap, so its perfect for those beginner DIY'ers

What You Need: {Spray paint, a broken watch, and newspaper}
Outside, lay out some newspaper and shake the spray paint can
A few inches away from the watch, evenly spray the spray paint on the watch and let dry. Turn over and repeat the same step. Make sure to get paint in all of the crevasses.

{It will take a couple of coats to completely cover the watch, so let fully dry and then re-coat it}
Now your wrist is full of neon color, perfect for Spring!

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  1. Love how the watches turned out! They look so good on your wrist! xo B

  2. I've been seeing a ton of these around. I love to recycle stuff.