Nesting {Ramblings on Home DIY's}

by - 8:00 AM

I was searching for some great nesting bowls to stash my bracelets and such, when I found a great (and easy) DIY here and thought it would be the perfect time to try it. The tutorial I found used recycled paper but I substituted it with dryer sheets because they were easier to work with. You can experiment using different shells, but the general instructions apply.

 Cover bowl in saran wrap so its nice and tight. Paint a light layer
of mod podge on the bowl. 
 Cover the mod podge with a dryer sheet and put another coat of mod podge over the sheet.
 Continue covering the bowl with dryer sheets and mod podge until sturdy
 When the outside shell is dry, remove the bowl and peel the saran wrap
{this may take awhile to dry}
 Take a bright colored spray-paint and spray the outside and inside of the bowl
Let Dry
And fill up with some of your favorite accessories.

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