DIY Rope Bracelet {Ramblings on Crafts}

by - 9:17 AM

I was in such a rush yesterday to write this post that I forgot the most important part: My inspiration. I first spotted the Rope Bracelet on Who What Wear and have been in love ever since. However, the $150 price tag was not so loveable. Then, this week, Style scrapbook post this DIY and finally decided it was time to test it out. I tried two different versions, and the smaller version was successful. Hopefully, this weekend I will get around to making a how-to video with more in-depth instructions!

Gather ropes in various sizes and colors. The purple rope in this image ended up being a little too large so try something smaller. 
Wrap the yellow cord around the center of the larger rope.
Closer towards the edge, wrap a different colored cord around the rope.
Use a clip to secure the bracelet on your wrist. 
A smaller version I made

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  1. oh! so cool! Ady from Style Scrapbook did it too! and it's so easy!
    I will try!
    thanks for sharing! = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )