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A few weeks ago, I was approached by seventeen-year old designer Sarah. A junior living in East Hampton, New York, Sarah is starting to make a name for herself by creating adorable, chic clothing. She already has a website up for people to order her dresses and rompers, and a facebook pagefor all fans to like! In order, to get a deeper look into the mind of this young designer, I asked her a few questions regarding her design process, her inspiration, and her dreams.

Rin: How did you get started in designing?
Sarah: I've been designing ever since i could remember and I knew that fashion was something I definitley wanted to do when i get older. I started saving up all of my money since I was 13 and i saved enough to start my own little company!

Rin: How long have you been designing/ making clothes?
Sarah: Since I was a little girl.

Rin: Your seventeen years old and designing super adorable clothing, how do you balance school and designing?
Sarah: It's really hard! I sometimes find myself zoning out of math class thinking about fashion. Sometimes when i get home i do homework before working and then the other days work first and then leave home for the last minute.

Rin: Where do you get your inspiration from? Is there any designers that inspire you?
Sarah: I get my inspirations from old french actresses like Catherine Deneuve . I also get inspirations from bloggers. I get inspired by Christian Dior, he's very feminine and classy!

Rin: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? What's your dream job?
Sarah: I would love to see my clothing line in a big department store like bloomingdales! That's my ultimate goal.

Rin: What's your advice to young aspiring designers?
Sarah: Train your eye. Go on blogs everyday and save images that inspire you!

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    we too love young ambitious girls like ourselves
    having a business already is great feat :)
    nice blog review