Beaded Glory

by - 7:32 AM

I have been wanting to try this black bead manicure since I saw it at the Cushnie et Ochs'Fall 2011 fashion show. I tested it out this weekend and have a how to for you guys!

First you need to buy a tube of black beads. If you can find a smaller size then the one I used, please do so. Pour the tube of bead in a bowl to make the next steps easier.

Using super glue or nail glue, paint a thin layer on your nails. Then, place your nail in the bowl to pick up the beads. If there are holes, you can hand place the beads in the holes.

If you want to, while the glue is still wet, you can add black glitter for sparkly effect. LEt the beads dry before you try to use your hands.

Here is your finished product!

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