Snap, Crackle, Pop!!

by - 7:29 AM

Months ago, I found an image of a nail polish that crackled to create an edgy look. I looked high and low to find a brand that I could find in stores, but unfortunately, the crackle polish was only available online, and my spirits were crushed. I thought only about that nail polish for months until I learned that O.P.I would be releasing a shatter top coat in their Katy Perry collection. I was thrilled and eagerly waited for it to come to my local Ulta, which just so happens was yesterday. So, I headed on over and bought the new lacquer. Unable to wait until I got home, I opened the bottle in my car and painted them right there. Slowly, I could see the black top coat chip and break a part until I got the crackle look I had been waiting months for. So, head over to any beauty supply store that carries O.P.I and try out the Shatter Top Coat, you won't be disappointed.

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