Lacquered Up

by - 7:42 AM

With Spring just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my favorite nail color trends for the season. Muted, neutral palettes seem to be just the ticket this Spring. Corals, Lavenders, blues, and nudes are all Lacquers we are seeing. To add a little flare, try the shatter top coat from O.P.I's Katy Perry Collection available now. So, head out to your local beauty store and try some of my favorite nail color trends.

September Charm from Priti Polish

Shatter Top Coat available at Ulta in February

Geisha Girl from Priti Polish

Mint Candy Apple from Essie

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  1. Mint Candy Apple is my next buy! I borrowed the color from my friend all last summer & now I just need to buy a bottle of my own. Love it! Got so many complements on it too! xo


  2. Hey kathyrn!
    I just check out your blog and I love it! follow mine if you like ;)