The New Do

by - 10:50 AM

I have taken a new found interest in my hair as of late. Gone are the days when my hair would be worn in a ponytail or messy bun. Now, I work the beach waves, side braid, and my new favorite hair trend: the braided bun. Over the weekend I found many hair inspiration pictures and these were my favorite, so this morning I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and tried my own version. It worked on the first try, which is always an exciting thing! Check out my favorite versions of these looks and then see mine at the bottom and how I achieved the look!

The Inspiration

Photo From: April's Sweet Spot

Photo from A Force of Nature

My Take

This was actually easier then I thought it would be.
1.) First, I braided my hair in two pigtails.
2.) I took the braid on the right and crossed it over to the left and secured it using clips (although bobby pins would be easier and give a cleaner look)
3.) Then, I took the braid on the left and crossed it over to the right and secured it.
4.) There will most likely be two tails from the bottom of the braids that will need to be twisted down and secured as well.
It's an easy and sophisticated way to put your hair up.

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  1. looove this hairstyle :)


  2. adorable. what are "sing clips"?

  3. that is a typo its using clips haha my apology