Decemeber 7th and It's 73 Degrees

by - 8:56 AM

This new sweater of mine is probablly the best thing ever. I wasn't feeling in a super dressy mood today, so I decided shorts, a sweater, and some old school Doc Martens were the way to go for my 90's look. Photos were taken by my dear friend Emma who I have decided is my new photographer!

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  1. your sweater reminds me i need still need a gray sweater!

    you look great! i love all your accessorie and shoes :)
    the nails are prettyy awesome haha

    xx Kenny

  2. awesome look, loving the 90s fashions. especially the doc martens- so my so called life! other than being jealous of your ring and boots, so jealous of the weather. not fair.

  3. I love your style!! Amazing post also

  4. what a great blog. never seen it before! like it!

  5. Thanks!! please follow if you aren't already :) and if you have a twitter or blog link please send it and i will return the favor :)