Trend Watch: Signet Rings

by - 10:30 AM

I'm breaking my no blogging on the weekend rule for the simple fact that I was unable to get this post out yesterday. Jewelry has always been a real love of mine, and this season is no exception. Bold bangles, statement necklaces, and stackable rings have been making a huge statement this fall. But the newest accessory that is starting to be embraced by the fashion world is the Signet Ring.

Now, it's time for a little history lesson. Signet Rings were used in ancient times to seal documents. The rings represented how much power a family had and was passed down from generation to generation. More recenty, Signet Rings have been known as class rings.

I have searched for some of my favorite (and semi affordable) modern Signet Rings. It is important not to go too cheap with these rings. Make sure to buy real metals because nobody likes a green finger.

1.) $68
2.) $350
3.) $41
4.) $70
5.) $119
6.) $198

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