Cover Me With Style

by - 9:18 AM

I have always felt that everything in our lives require style. Clothing, homes, and even our electronic devices need a personal touch to them. I have been drooling over some adorable electronic cases for both phones and laptops. Considering we spend most of our time on our cell phones and laptops why shouldn't we give them a stylish cover?

1.)Lily Pulitzer Iphone 3G case $20
2.) Coach Poppy Universal Case $48
3.) Jonathan Adler Iphone 3G Case $20
4.)Marc by Marc Jacobs Yellow Laptop Case $38
5.) Forever 21 Floral Laptop Sleeve$14
6.) Hello Kitty Laptop Case$45
7.) Telegraph Hill Laptop Sleeve$30
8.) Marc by Marc Jacobs Laptop Sleeve$80
9.) Marc by Marc Jacobs Laptop Sleeve$88

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