All I Want For Christmas

by - 9:53 AM

Some of my favorite and affordable gifts that are on my christmas wishlist!
christmas wishlist

1.) Color Etch Letters $10 (each) from Urban Outfitters
2.) Deborah Lippmann Nail Color $18 from Barney's
3.) Disco Nights Nail Polish $2.80 from Forever21
4.) Deborah Lippmann Nail Color $18 from Nordstrom
5.) Little Dictionary of Fashion $20 from Jayson Home and Garden
6.) Coach Poppy Perfume $60 from Coach
7.) Floral prints tennis shoes $13 from Urban Outiftters
8.) Fashionary $17 from Fashionary
9.) Gold Ring $5.80 from Forever21
10.) Elephant Necklace $34 from Fantasy Jewelry Box

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  1. LOVE the deborah lippmann sparkle polishes!!

  2. ohh those nail polishes are reallyy cutee! i also love that ring :)