Flower Power

by - 6:43 PM

After Hours upon hours of scouring, I have added a new item to my wish list: floral shoes. Doc martins, converse, and heels all of them have tickeled my fancy and I am on the hunt! Tomorrow I'm heading to last chance hoping to fulfill my floral shoe desire!

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  1. floral shoes...are soo wanted...there's a really nice pair of floral brogues in zara..if you want to check out...i would really like to own one of those floral pumps...like the one in the second last photo....
    anyways hope you get what you want...
    much love...

  2. ugh these are amazing! I would kill for the flower docs, but I dont want to drop the $$$

  3. in loveeeee with the floral shoes. Floral dresses too. Floral everything... why not?

  4. aghhh I've been dying for some flowery docs! I need to win the goddam lottery! lol