DIY Brooches

by - 3:08 PM

A little while back, I posted something on my love for brooches. They are super easy way to jazz up that everyday blazer, and i have been on the search for the perfect (and affordable) one! Well, today, I had this surge of inspiration and remembered that my mother had a bag of old shoe clips that she had never used. I thought it was the perfect time to DIY my own brooch. I took some pictures for you all to see, so I hope you enjoy and use some of this inspiration for yourself!

My favorite clips that I found in her collection.

To be able to pin the brooch on clothing I added a safety pin to the clip on the back.

I took an old chain I had lying around, and I hooked the jump ring to the brooch.

Here's the final product!

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  1. so adorable, i love it. You are so creative!

  2. your mom had those?! that is so awesome, I wish my mom had things like these. She's rarely kept anything except a few items of clothing from her youth. These brooches are so pretty, I'm going to have to keep an eye out for similar ones next time I go to the flea market