Seal Beach

by - 8:19 AM

After I touched down in Orange County yesterday, my sister and I spent a good hour arguing what we were going to do for the day. Top on my list was coffee. She took me to the Starbucks that was right next to the book store she worked at, so we drank some chai tee and read through some magazine (I of course purchased a few for my own down time). We then decided to go to the boutiques around seal beach. I had a great deal of success. The first store we walked into, heaven couture, was filled with adorable clothes and accessories; the best part was everything in the store (minus accessories and sale items) were $15 dollars. I scored two dresses, 2 pairs of rings, and a pair of earrings for under $40.

I didn't take a picture of the first store I went to; however I was able to get my sister to take a quick snapshot of me outside wearing the outfit I had worn on the plane.

The next store we went into was Isabelle's closet. This store was by far my favorite, but I unfortunately did not walk out with a purchase.

The final store was Jacqueline's boutique. I scored big time here getting the perfect pair of black sandal heels for $10.

Unfortunately, the heat kept me inside the rest of the day and I was a little bumbed that it was hotter in LA than it was in Phoenix. Oh well, today is a new and I will be in Disneyland!!

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