Nail Fraud

by - 1:39 PM

It has been a recent obsession of mine to have some sort of polish on my nails, and I am always on the search for new exciting ways to update my manicure. So when I discovered the Foil Nail Manicure, I was floored No more waiting for my nail polish to dry because thanks to Urban Outfitters, foil manicures can be done in the solitude of out own home (and at a fraction of the cost). Available in five different patterns, Nail Fraud will by new nail obsession!

Each pack includes two sets of 20 nails and an emery board to help take your nails from dull and boring to colorful and fantastic! Available patterns include Floral, Python, Leopard, Dollar Bill, and Peacock.

This at home kit is easy to use: simply pick the size that fits your nail and gently file down any access material. It's quick and easy and has virtually no wait time.

Visit Urban Outfitters to purchase the kit for $12 and also check out Nylon's Website for all things Beauty, fashion and music.

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  1. Wow fancy, they probably look a lot better too.

  2. Omg that is soo kool, i'd love to try them :)